Friday, March 4, 2011

Zoo Atlanta library program spreads statewide  |

Zoo Atlanta library program spreads statewide |

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make 'em laugh

Kids are great!  One of the things I love to do with my son is make him laugh!  Take a look at some jokes and spread some laughter between you and your little one........

1)Q: Why did Tigger look inside the toilet?
   A:  He was looking for Pooh!

2)Q:What do you call a worm wearing a fur coat?
   A: A catepillar!

3)Q:Whats the best way to call a T-Rex?
   A: Long distance!

4) Q:Where the the seaweed find a job?
    A: In the "Kelp Wanted" adds.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Freaky Freddies

Take a look around Freaky Freddies Free Kids Stuff and get some free samples!
Freaky Freddies Free Kids Stuff

If i could just offer a quick opinion to Freaky Freddy...........  I'd call my self something else...... this name gives me the creeps.

Hope you see something you like or need.

Running out of ideas,
P.S. Blog will be undergoing some changes soon (as soon as Daniel can help us)......  Just bare with us =)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We all want pictures of our kids!  They grow up sooooo FAST!  That is why I love Portrait Innovations!

With the ability to offer professional studio photography at affordable prices, Portrait Innovations is a favorite portrait studio of mothers, families and business professionals across America. Add an educated, friendly staff, customizable portrait packages and pictures that are ready the same day, and it's no wonder that experts think Portrait Innovations' proprietary, seamless, digital system will revolutionize the portrait experience.

I've found it is always better to SCHEDULE an appointment rather than walking in!  Here is the "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE PART ALTHOUGH IT IS".....

They offer a $9.95 package that includes
  • One - 10 x 13    Four - 3 x 5s
  • Two - 8 x 10s    And 32 Wallets
  • Four - 5 x 7s
No Sitting Fees or Charges

With this i've always gotten additional "greeting cards" or a "Photo Calendar" at no additional charge!  There are NO CATCHES and i've NEVER felt pressured to buy more photos if I did not want them.
They take tons of pics in tons of different poses.  You wait a few minutes, then go to review them.  For the $9.95 special you can choose only one of the pictures!  You can add on others for an additional charge or there are different packages available.  Fifteen to twenty minutes later, you are leaving with your pictures in hand.

As fast as kids grow I just get the one pose and do it every 6 months or year.  You can only do the special package once every 3 months.

I know there are tons of locations here in Georgia, but check to see if you have one in your location if you are outside of Georgia.  It's worth it! It makes great presents for grandparents also!

Portrait Innovations

Check em out!

Friday, January 14, 2011


 Three months ago my husband and I took my son to the Center of Puppetry Arts.    We wanted something different to do and well that just happened to be what "I" picked along with riding the Marta train since Connor is really into trains.

Once we got there we were able to take a tour of the museum.  It had all types of different puppets and explanations on how they worked etc.

After viewing the museum we went upstairs and my son had the opportunity to make his own puppet.  We were there to see "Charlotte's Web" so he made Wilbur the pig.... ( i think that is the pig's name)

At last it was time for the puppet show.  We sat down, the lights dimmed, and we were brought into the magical world of puppetry!  It truely was amazing!   The puppeteers were extremely talented and i do not remember at any moment thinking, "i'm looking at a puppet".  It was a play with puppets and put on with perfection!

After the play, the puppeteers came on stage and explained how puppets work and how they made everything look "so real."

I think my husband (who is originally from Mexico and  had never seen a puppet show before) was just as amazed as my son!

Upon leaving we stopped by the gift shop and we purchased a t-shirt. If you are in the Atlanta area and have not been, GO!  If you are outside of the Atlanta area I urge you to search for puppet shows around your area.
It was such a magical experience for my child ( and my husband as well, i think.... lol)!

We will definetly be going back.  Please visit their website above to view their schedule and upcoming performances.

It made such a big impact, that we ended up having a puppet show here at home for our neighbors.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

                                                            Educational Online Games

My son loves playing online games.  He's only 5!  That is crazy to me!  But, in all honestly he has learned a lot playing them.  He knew his full alphabet and the sounds of each letter at an early age just from sitting with me and us playing on "Starfall".  It is a great site for learning the alphabet, sounds of the letters, and reading!!  I can not brag on it enough!

Another website is PBS Kids.  It  is a big hit with my son and his cousins! It has all types of educational games.  My son has watched the process of mold grow from playing Sid the Science Kid to digging up fossils and making a dinosaur from playing Caillou.''

Last but not least Got Kids Games has TONS of different games, almost too many to mention....  from reading to math, they have it all there.

I am by no means endorsing turning your child loose and letting them spend hours in front of a computer screen.  I feel though,  with supervision and limited time interacting with computers in an educational and  positive way, your child has everything to gain and nothing to loose.