Wednesday, January 5, 2011

                                                            Educational Online Games

My son loves playing online games.  He's only 5!  That is crazy to me!  But, in all honestly he has learned a lot playing them.  He knew his full alphabet and the sounds of each letter at an early age just from sitting with me and us playing on "Starfall".  It is a great site for learning the alphabet, sounds of the letters, and reading!!  I can not brag on it enough!

Another website is PBS Kids.  It  is a big hit with my son and his cousins! It has all types of educational games.  My son has watched the process of mold grow from playing Sid the Science Kid to digging up fossils and making a dinosaur from playing Caillou.''

Last but not least Got Kids Games has TONS of different games, almost too many to mention....  from reading to math, they have it all there.

I am by no means endorsing turning your child loose and letting them spend hours in front of a computer screen.  I feel though,  with supervision and limited time interacting with computers in an educational and  positive way, your child has everything to gain and nothing to loose.

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  1. Hello, I noticed you have kids and like PBS Kids.

    I wanted to know if you could add the site I have helped founded which is called which is a public online children's book library which already has more than 30 books and 1-2 books are being added each month. There is no need to register or log-in. One of the nice things about our stories is that it teaches kids about socially relevant themes. We have lots of stories that teach about helping the environment, helping another country when faced with a natural disaster and so forth.

    Another thing to look at is our personalized books for teachers and kids to use which you can view here: Our first book is about Earth Day which is right around the corner. Kids will be able to illustrate and/or complete the book (depending on their level) on a book all about Earth Day with them being the star of the book. There is no cost for this as well.

    Kindly confirm you received this and let me know if you are able to add to your resource page of links and/or perhaps post about our site to your readers.

    Andrew Gitt