Sunday, January 16, 2011

We all want pictures of our kids!  They grow up sooooo FAST!  That is why I love Portrait Innovations!

With the ability to offer professional studio photography at affordable prices, Portrait Innovations is a favorite portrait studio of mothers, families and business professionals across America. Add an educated, friendly staff, customizable portrait packages and pictures that are ready the same day, and it's no wonder that experts think Portrait Innovations' proprietary, seamless, digital system will revolutionize the portrait experience.

I've found it is always better to SCHEDULE an appointment rather than walking in!  Here is the "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE PART ALTHOUGH IT IS".....

They offer a $9.95 package that includes
  • One - 10 x 13    Four - 3 x 5s
  • Two - 8 x 10s    And 32 Wallets
  • Four - 5 x 7s
No Sitting Fees or Charges

With this i've always gotten additional "greeting cards" or a "Photo Calendar" at no additional charge!  There are NO CATCHES and i've NEVER felt pressured to buy more photos if I did not want them.
They take tons of pics in tons of different poses.  You wait a few minutes, then go to review them.  For the $9.95 special you can choose only one of the pictures!  You can add on others for an additional charge or there are different packages available.  Fifteen to twenty minutes later, you are leaving with your pictures in hand.

As fast as kids grow I just get the one pose and do it every 6 months or year.  You can only do the special package once every 3 months.

I know there are tons of locations here in Georgia, but check to see if you have one in your location if you are outside of Georgia.  It's worth it! It makes great presents for grandparents also!

Portrait Innovations

Check em out!

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